Heating and Cooling of Buildings
Design for Efficiency

Second Edition

By Jan Kreider, Peter Curtiss, and Ari Rabl

This book covers technologies -- from materials to computers -- that are exerting a profound effect on the design and operation of buildings. The emphasis of the book is placed on design optimization and critical thinking. Numerous examples are presented and solved to reinforce important concepts, and software applications are integrated throughout.

The second edition of this textbook contains a completely new chapter on engineering economics, a discussion of new building energy estimation techniques, updated graphics, 50% new homework problems, and a CD containing electronic appendices.

2aEdCover.jpg (76739 bytes) Contents

1. Basic concepts and definitions
2. Elements of heat transfer for buildings
3. Review of thermodynamic processes in buildings
4. Psychrometrics, comfort, and health
5. Fundamentals of fluid mechanics in building systems
6. Solar radiation and windows
7. Heating and cooling loads
8. Annual energy consumption and special topics
9. Heat generation and transfer equipment
10. Cooling equipment
11. Secondary systems for heating and cooling
12. Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning control systems
13. Lighting
14. Design for efficiency
15. Engineering economics and costs

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